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  • Bomberman / Dynablaster DX11

    Posted on November 11th, 2020 admin No comments

    This is a quick update to the version I published many years ago. A lot has changed under the hood and yet much remains the same.

    Click on the picture to download theĀ game

    Basically, the DirectX 9 API was replaced by Direct 3D 11 and a few minor bugs was fixed. We played a lot with this version on Windows 10 so I believe it’s free of bugs.

    Added benefit of the new API is that you don’t have to download a DirectX runtime from Microsoft anymore. It should be working immediately without any additional download, at least on Windows 10.

    The menu is as plain as in the original Amiga (or PC) version. This is intentional, it’s like playing in an emulator. However, I hope I will release a more user friendly advanced version soon.

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  • 256b demo – Function 2019

    Posted on November 11th, 2020 admin No comments

    Some people think 256 bytes doesn’t enough for anything. To be prove they’re wrong just watch “Puls by Rrrola” or “Stainless Steel by Digimind” on Youtube. You can find more jaw-dropping products if you search for “256b demo”.

    I created a simple waving-colors effect which was called color-plasma in the old demo days. As simple as it is but looks mesmerizing. I called it Hypnotize. If you watch it long enough you will know why.

    Click to download from

    How much is 256 bytes.

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