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  • Atarisoft’s Pac-Man

    Posted on January 6th, 2015 admin No comments

    In December of 2000 I started a Pac-Man game conversion from the ZX Spectrum. It was one of my favourite Spectrum game in the 80s. Simple but addictive. My original intention was to build a 4K or 16K game for DOS, however I lost my interest during the process. It is playable, so I decided to save it from the dust.

    Pac-Man is controlled by the cursor keys, ESC key aborts the game. No score, no sounds, no fruits, no power-pills, but the four ghosts are constantly chasing Pac-Man while he’s eating the dots. One of them (green) is very tough, player can hardly escape. It could be fun to score how long does it take him to catch Pac-Man. In 2004 I started to convert it to a 32-bit Windows application. Graphics handled with DirectDraw 7. Another unfinished attempt. No doubt, hobby projects always secondary to real life.


    Download game here. This game is so old. DOSBOX and a DPMI host may be required to run the game.

    Download C source here. Game was developed with DJGPP and Allegro.

    See the original game on WorldOfSpectrum if you’re interested.


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